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Professional, bespoke emails, written in your style. Save hours every day in your inbox

Ellie, your AI email assistant, learns from your writing style and creates replies to emails as if they were written by you!

Plus 9000+ installs on the Chrome Web Store and Firefox Add-ons

Ellie has made everything so much easier.

- Mathias Laurvig

I love this extension. Ellie helps me churn through email responses.

- Richard Brus

Ellie saves me time every morning answering emails.

- James Potter

Ellie understands context

Ellie takes context from the email thread to craft intelligent replies.

We promise you'll be blown away by Ellie's responses!

Showing Ellie write a context filled email

Check out our demo of Ellie that has been trained to understand all about how Ellie works!

Try the demo
Showing Ellie learned information about our company taxes, and used that in it's reply

Teach Ellie anything!

Ellie can learn any information you provide, and use that information in it's replies.

Ellie saves me so much time, it's now my favourite productivity tool!

- Victor M

Ellie is multilingual

Ellie will reply in any language to match the email being replied to.

I struggled to compose formal emails in English, but now Ellie writes them and saves me SO much time! 🤩

- Julie Berteaux

Showing Ellie write a context filled email

Tailor Ellie's reply

You can provide extra context to Ellie for the perfect reply for every email.

With Ellie I can answer every email and not waste any time.

- Joan

Ellie works directly in your inbox as a browser extension

This means Ellie can be easily integrated into your usual workflow

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